Trims Creates A Virtual Specialty Store For Stanford

As a student at one the world’s great institutions of higher learning, how proud would you be to wear or carry an item with its prestigious logo? (We imagine, very.) BUT when you look for the link to the campus store, you can’t find one.   This was the case earlier this year when STANFORD […]

"POWER" Gadget: The Powermat

Are you ready to “cut the cord”? When the Powermat  was first released, we found ourselves on the fence.  We actually heard about the device a couple of years ago, but didn’t actually see it until it came to market this year at CES 2010 . There it was being “hawked” by several different companies –most […]


Our Mission: To create an “Oscar Worthy” gift bag for a cast of thousands about to descend on a medical conference in Vegas. Challenge I: To find a Best Picture DVD Collection under $20.00— then find enough of them in stock, in one place at the same time. Our first thought— Amazon. Unfortunately, they only […]


How A Game of Telephone with Anya Hindmarch became… What do you do when your client wants an iconic, limited edition tote for an event, and the desired object not only sold out long ago, but was still highly sought after on EBay years later? Welcome to our world.   One of our hedge fund […]