Creating a special recognition gift for Notre Dame Women’s Basketball

The month of March is Women’s History Month Women’s History Month is a long overdue acknowledgement of the seminal role women play in our society, but except for gender appropriate sports, the achievements of women largely go unrecognized and unnoticed.  This year, the women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament garnered the attention it deserved. To honor “Women’s […]

Trims Unlimited is now a Google Approved Vendor!

Google’s “Small Business” Initiative At the close of 2015, Trims received an unsolicited email from Google that made the office feel like it had won the lottery. Google had begun a new initiative aimed at “small businesses,” and they were inviting a select group of service providers to join the ranks of approved Google vendors. […]

Steuben Reimagined

Actual Award produced by Trims Unlimited for one of the world's greatest law firms

A LEGACY CONTINUED Trims Unlimited is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with many of the independent artisans that produced some of STEUBEN GLASS’ most iconic pieces. In addition, we are proud to offer special commissions: one-of-a-kind pieces designed to meet your company’s specific style and needs. Unmatched in quality and craftsmanship, our […]

The Future in Social Media Measurement

Future of Social Media Measurements

In a recent interview done by Event Marketer, Oracle’s Content Marketing Director Paul Way shares his predictions on what’s next in social media measurement.

How to Attract Millennials to Branded Events

What Millennials Want to See (and Take Home) From Branded Events - Illustration Carlos Monteiro

With traditional marketing not being as effective as it used to be, companies are now embracing experiential marketing as a way to connect with their customers. According to Forbes, there are 80 million millennials in America alone with $200 billion in annual buying power. It’s no surprise that targeting millennials is becoming an essential marketing strategy for many companies.

Branded Trade Show & Conference Essentials

branded trade show and conference essentials

WOW Conference Attendees!

Hosting a conference takes a lot of planning and logistics and branding often gets left until the last minute. Whether your company is hosting a conference or trade show, consistent branding gives the impression of a well-constructed and organized event (regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes). Having a cohesive event branding offers companies a chance to massively amplify awareness. It’s not just a logo and tagline; it needs to convey professionalism, integrity and value to your stakeholders. This post is designed to provide ideas to future hosts on branded trade show / conference essentials that help make your next conference one to remember.

Corporate Gift Ideas for the New Year

Promotional Items for startups

it’s time to have a fresh start. With over 1000+ corporate gifts to choose from we have compiled the following top corporate gift ideas for the new year to jump start your marketing efforts. All options shown here can be branded with your company’s logo and drop shipped to any location in the US.

Gift Ideas & Etiquette for Chinese New Year 2016

Gift Ideas & Etiquette for Chinese New Year 2016

Are you ready to do business in the Year of the Monkey? Whether your company is contemplating a business foray in Asia or is already well established, count on Trims Unlimited for expert advice on business etiquette and international protocol. The upcoming Chinese New Year holiday begins February 8, 2016. For gift ideas view our virtual catalog below.

Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending?

Spread out cash

So many companies end the year with spend left in budgets that are set expire. More often than not, departments scramble to find ways to reach a zero balance before the stroke of midnight on 12/31. Unfortunately, the mad dash often results in purchases made without much forethought. Why not ask yourself, is all this angst really necessary?

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your Employees

Employee Ugly Sweater Party

Small companies may not be able to afford the lavish holiday parties that their larger counterparts often throw; however, they both share a common denominator when it comes to finding meaningful ways to celebrate with employees. In our opinion, the most successful events take a similar approach: the creation of an environment for team building and bonding outside of the office. Any of the 7 suggestions below are tweakable and scalable, so let your imagination run wild:

7 Tips for Giving the BEST Corporate Holiday Gifts, EVER

7 Tips Giving Best Business Holiday Gifts Ever

We have been playing Santa Claus for a host of international corporations for over 30 years. In that time, the gifts we have devised or orchestrated for our clients have been about as diverse as anyone could imagine. Given our respected track record in the “corporate gift giving” industry, we thought we’d share our 7 simple suggestions to make sure your corporate holiday gifts hit their mark:

Corporate Holiday Gift Picks 2015

Company Gift Ideas

When the holiday season hits, your business will want a variety of customizable gifts and treats to celebrate your brand supporters. Get your marketing strategy into the holiday spirit or show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work with gifts that are perfectly indicative of the joyous time of year. Check out our Top Picks for this Holiday Season!