Welcome Kits & HR Tips for New Employees

The idea behind a gift like the one pictured above is simple: create a tangible symbol that not only represents the qualities of the company itself, but sets the tone for a successful partnership going forward. In the case of Ogilvy Mather’s box, the quality of the presentation, its organization and careful selection of objects sends a nuanced, detailed message about the company culture, its processes, its expectations and its overall philosophy. While there is great value in taking a new hire aside to say “Welcome,” the addition of a concrete marker can create a lasting, positive impression.

eSignature Solution – Not Just for the Big Guys

When I was first introduced to DocuSign and the concept of e-signatures, I was genuinely intrigued. Almost immediately I began to think about how Trims might use this new service to its advantage.

Image-Infused Aluminum Smartphone Cases | New Personalized Gifts from Trims

The Sleek yet Rugged Way to Personalize Your Phone Aluminyze uses a process called sublimation to infuse aluminum with your images, resulting in vibrant and durable prints. Its innovative method allows you to create modern, UV resistant artwork for your home or office. Want to Aluminyze more? Luckily, this company isn’t just a noun; it has […]

Technology Overload: Why Some Techies Are Going Off the Grid

What should technology rookies do when Silicon Valley calls for simplicity?

A New York Times’ Bits blog post examined how the tech elite are looking for ways to blunt the narcotic effect of technology on their everyday lives. For those looking for respite, first steps can include leaving smartphones plugged into the wall when running quick errands or opting for last decade’s ever-so-bullied flip phone to bypass the temptation altogether—anything to garner some distance from the digital noise.

Essential Gadgets for Your Next Destination Club Event

At Trims, we’re often putting together bags for destination club events or conventions, many of which involve awesome waterscapes fit for both relaxation and adventure. We’d found a couple of products that will help quell those fears of waterlogged devices and sandy phone crevices while keeping you plugged in.

Going Green vs. Greenwashing | Sustainable Practices in Events

going green vs greenwashing

Trims Talks Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

I was trying to place this feeling. Suddenly the phrase “going green” irked me, and I was struggling to understand why. After all, I’m an enthusiastic member of a team that not only supports the green movement, but is seeking to promote positive change in this very area within our industry—searching for virtual gifting options to help our clients reduce their carbon footprints. And I’m totally on board.

The Promotional Product Reimagined: Exploring Virtual Gifting

gift card

Trims’ quest to eradicate junk giveaways for good

Trinkets and trash (n): 1. The mostly useless and always cheap branded promotional products that find their way to the bottom of so many conference bags. (e.g. fridge magnets, koozies and key chains.)

That’s how we see it, anyway, and something’s got to give. We’re here to start the conversation.

Corporate Gifting: Tips You (Might) Totally Get | Trims Unlimited

corporate gifting blog

4 Tips on Giving the Perfect Gift (Courtesy of the Corporate Gifting World)

Maybe you’re new to the corporate gifting world, or maybe you’re a pro who hasn’t yet mastered tying the perfect bow. I’m a fresh face at Trims, and I’m being shepherded through the ways of the corporate gift giving world by the talented and experienced team of our Founder Susan Roth.

The Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Socially Conscious Gift Idea From Trims

A Socially Conscious Gift Idea — SOCCKET Did you know that over 1.3 billion people worldwide are living without reliable access to electricity? This is according to Uncharted Play, the creators of SOCCKET, a soccer ball that harnesses energy from your kickin’ feet. Thank you, bipedalism! The ball employs a “pendulum-like mechanism” that gathers kinetic […]