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Susan and her experienced team have been delivering relationship-driven, branded moments since 1985. Trims Unlimited is recognized by American Express, INC 5000, Departures, & Forbes.

B2B: Are You a Winner or a Quitter?

overcoming_obstacles Lessons Learned in B2B | Trims Unlimited

I believe the principle of “never quitting” is the single most important factor in achieving success—both personally and in business.

Case in point:

Last fall our client asked us to participate in a vendor meeting to help plan for a large scale event the following spring. The stake holder was a publicly traded company and an important client. For two years running Trims had provided all of the amenities, speaker gifts, fulfillment services and conference gear for this 1000+ person meeting. However, with a new coordinator at the helm trying to get up to speed, we were primarily asked to bring examples of past selections and perhaps one or two ideas that would “WOW” the audience. Not knowing the budget or the theme, my team was at a loss as to what to suggest. The Trims’ executive managing the relationship felt that there was little we could offer without additional guidance. Wanting to let my manager manage, I decided not to override her decision though I had doubts about it being the right one. We arrived at the meeting with nothing new other than the hope of receiving direction.

Big mistake! We lost the business but learned a valuable lesson in the process. Rather than accept the status quo, I resolved to correct my error in judgment and get the business back by:

  • Staying in touch
  • Regaining our client’s trust with a willingness to take on any request regardless of size or budget
  • Insuring that my team always offered more information than less
  • Trusting my instincts and stepping in when an executive decision is warranted

Today we are back in our client’s good graces albeit a lot smarter and a much better b2b supplier!

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