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Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags Creates Promotional Opportunity

skip the bag save the river The NY Times reports that the California State Assembly passed legislation last week that would prohibit pharmacies, groceries and liquor and convenience stores from giving out plastic bags. Additionally stores would be required to sell recycled paper bags for at least 5 cents each. The bill is now before the State Senate.

Some 19 billion bags a year are used in California alone, and the state spends $25 million annually to collect and large bury a portion of them.

The goal of the legislation is to prompt 21st-century shoppers in California to do what 20th-century shoppers in Moscow did routinely – keep an avoska, or reusable sack, at the ready. China and Bangladesh already have plastic bag bans in place, and the United Nations has called for the bans to go global.

At Trims, we believe that that the ban is long overdue. As the trend takes hold across the across the country, people will clamor for practical yet innovative carryalls. If you’re reading this blog, then you know where to find the next great bag. The question is, will it be branded with your logo… or your competitor’s?

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