Gift Rap Remix: Discover, Demo, Discuss

Your go-to for cutting edge promotional products and … Ben Affleck? I’m Carolina Mohrlock, the newest addition to the Trims team. I’ll be contributing fresh

Gift "Rap": Tips For Holiday Gifts 2012

Gift giving in the corporate world is a tricky business under the best of circumstances. Add the holidays into the mix, and the process becomes even more challenging. Whether you are trying to strengthen an existing relationship, acknowledge a new one or just say thank you, Trims’ suggestion is to use your common sense and remember it is “better to be underdressed than overdressed.”

SEM and SEO for Beginners

There’s a lot written these days about advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). If you are stranger to the world of getting sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing to rank your web pages high on the search result, where do you start?

In Business: Seize the Moment, Win the Day

Carpe Diem in Business The first presidential debate of the season took place the other night. Obama and Romney stepped onto the stage—-two 21st century gladiators.

B2B: Are You a Winner or a Quitter?

 Lessons Learned in B2B | Trims Unlimited I believe the principle of “never quitting” is the single most important factor in achieving success—both personally and