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Susan and her experienced team have been delivering relationship-driven, branded moments since 1985. Trims Unlimited is recognized by American Express, INC 5000, Departures, & Forbes.

Case Study: Custom Rubik's Cube Licensing Pointers


Custom Promotional Rubiks Cube

The Problem:
Our client used the image and brand of the very popular Rubik’s cube for a marketing campaign. Trims supplied thousands of decorated cubes from Rubik’s Cube’s US distributor and delivered them in branded, custom boxes. All legal issues concerning the rights to the brand for a marketing campaign were addressed and agreed to at the start of the project. However, little did we know that Erno Rubik’s licensee, Seven Towns, was watching our client’s marketing campaign from their London office and proceeded to blind-side our client with a claim of copyright infringement.

Trims to the rescue!

The Solution:
Trims stepped in right away and took this hassle off our client’s plate. Without the time or experience, this simple matter could have spiraled into a legal nightmare. Luckily, we were able to resolve it in a matter of hours. As we always do, we had carefully documented all communications with the US distributor. As a result we were able to easily show that all legal concerns had been addressed and met. It appears that though Steven Town’s office knew the Cube’s had been legally obtained and decorated, they failed to ask their distributor for the details in the “fine print” of this particular sale.

Bottom line, we manage all projects from beginning to end – in any timeframe and all spectrums. Case closed.

The Lesson:
We’re your ally–no matter what. Every day we leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients achieve the¬†ultimate result.

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