Welcome Kits & HR Tips for New Employees

The idea behind a gift like the one pictured above is simple: create a tangible symbol that not only represents the qualities of the company itself, but sets the tone for a successful partnership going forward. In the case of Ogilvy Mather’s box, the quality of the presentation, its organization and careful selection of objects sends a nuanced, detailed message about the company culture, its processes, its expectations and its overall philosophy. While there is great value in taking a new hire aside to say “Welcome,” the addition of a concrete marker can create a lasting, positive impression.

It's All About Relationships

Ron Burley’s post on Inc.’s Customer Confidential  column got me thinking about the positive outcomes that can occur as a result of a single, fateful interaction.  I had an analogous situation arise in 1995. Through a  serendipitous introduction, I met a newly minted Oracle executive that was moving to CA to take the helm of […]

Is the Customer Always Right?

Two notable bloggers (Inc. and The Frugal Entrepreneur) took up the subject of “disgruntled customers” last week. Since I have been interviewed twice in the past year on the very same topic, I thought why not comment on my own company blog? Both posts offer important insights, but the overall advice is largely reactive. The personal suggestions made […]