Welcome Kits & HR Tips for New Employees

The idea behind a gift like the one pictured above is simple: create a tangible symbol that not only represents the qualities of the company itself, but sets the tone for a successful partnership going forward. In the case of Ogilvy Mather’s box, the quality of the presentation, its organization and careful selection of objects sends a nuanced, detailed message about the company culture, its processes, its expectations and its overall philosophy. While there is great value in taking a new hire aside to say “Welcome,” the addition of a concrete marker can create a lasting, positive impression.

eSignature Solution – Not Just for the Big Guys

When I was first introduced to DocuSign and the concept of e-signatures, I was genuinely intrigued. Almost immediately I began to think about how Trims might use this new service to its advantage.

Gift "Rap": Tips For Holiday Gifts 2012

Gift giving in the corporate world is a tricky business under the best of circumstances. Add the holidays into the mix, and the process becomes even more challenging. Whether you are trying to strengthen an existing relationship, acknowledge a new one or just say thank you, Trims’ suggestion is to use your common sense and remember it is “better to be underdressed than overdressed.”

SEM and SEO for Beginners

There’s a lot written these days about advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). If you are stranger to the world of getting sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing to rank your web pages high on the search result, where do you start?

Business Travel: Hotels Seek a Digital Edge

Hotels Make Nice with Tech-Hungry Business Travelers According to a recent article in the NY Times, hotels are falling all over themselves to find ways to stand out in a crowd, and technology appears to be the big winner. It’s quite surprising, really, to think that it has taken as long as it has for […]

A New Medium

The creators of Twitter are at it again. Obvious Corporation has rolled out a preview of Medium, a content sharing site that they are calling “an attempt to make an evolutionary leap” in publishing. BusinessWeek says “it looks a lot like a mash-up of Pinterest and Tumblr”. VentureBeat also lists Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook, and WordPress […]

Yammer Away – Business Solutions for our Social World

Why is Microsoft spending 1.2 billion dollars on Yammer to ramp up its social media capabilities? The answer: So businesses can collaborate securely across “departments, geographies, content & business applications.” What does this mean? The thing that caught our eye is that it would virtually eliminate intra-office email and would keep our small team up-to-speed […]

It's All About Relationships

Ron Burley’s post on Inc.’s Customer Confidential  column got me thinking about the positive outcomes that can occur as a result of a single, fateful interaction.  I had an analogous situation arise in 1995. Through a  serendipitous introduction, I met a newly minted Oracle executive that was moving to CA to take the helm of […]

Is the Customer Always Right?

Two notable bloggers (Inc. and The Frugal Entrepreneur) took up the subject of “disgruntled customers” last week. Since I have been interviewed twice in the past year on the very same topic, I thought why not comment on my own company blog? Both posts offer important insights, but the overall advice is largely reactive. The personal suggestions made […]