eSignature Solution – Not Just for the Big Guys

When I was first introduced to DocuSign and the concept of e-signatures, I was genuinely intrigued. Almost immediately I began to think about how Trims might use this new service to its advantage.

Gift "Rap": Tips For Holiday Gifts 2012

Gift giving in the corporate world is a tricky business under the best of circumstances. Add the holidays into the mix, and the process becomes even more challenging. Whether you are trying to strengthen an existing relationship, acknowledge a new one or just say thank you, Trims’ suggestion is to use your common sense and remember it is “better to be underdressed than overdressed.”

B2B: Are You a Winner or a Quitter?

 Lessons Learned in B2B | Trims Unlimited I believe the principle of “never quitting” is the single most important factor in achieving success—both personally and in business. Case in point: Last fall our client asked us to participate in a vendor meeting to help plan for a large scale event the following spring. The stake […]

Yammer Away – Business Solutions for our Social World

Why is Microsoft spending 1.2 billion dollars on Yammer to ramp up its social media capabilities? The answer: So businesses can collaborate securely across “departments, geographies, content & business applications.” What does this mean? The thing that caught our eye is that it would virtually eliminate intra-office email and would keep our small team up-to-speed […]

It's All About Relationships

Ron Burley’s post on Inc.’s Customer Confidential  column got me thinking about the positive outcomes that can occur as a result of a single, fateful interaction.  I had an analogous situation arise in 1995. Through a  serendipitous introduction, I met a newly minted Oracle executive that was moving to CA to take the helm of […]