The Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Socially Conscious Gift Idea From Trims

A Socially Conscious Gift Idea — SOCCKET Did you know that over 1.3 billion people worldwide are living without reliable access to electricity? This is according to Uncharted Play, the creators of SOCCKET, a soccer ball that harnesses energy from your kickin’ feet. Thank you, bipedalism! The ball employs a “pendulum-like mechanism” that gathers kinetic […]

5 New Add-ons for Your iPad | Cutting-Edge Corporate Gifts From Trims

Tech-inspired corporate gift ideas from Trims Unlimited Looking for the perfect wares for your beloved iPad? We’ve found some tablet accessories that had their start with crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The people have spoken! For the lounger: The Monkey Kit Octa’s Monkey Kit employs its Money Tail to prop up your iPad in almost any way you […]

New Eyes on Old Toys | Sentimental Promotional Products

5 Unique Promotional Products for Your Next Corporate Event We’ve seen it with bell bottoms and we’ve seen it with crop tops. What’s old is suddenly new again, and people either cringe or throw on a pair of cut-offs. It’s almost inevitable with fashion, but luckily, we’re not here to talk about nylon track suits. […]

Wearable Technology: Are We Cool With This? | Tech Corporate Gifts

The iWatch may be your future corporate gift from Trims If I ask you what time it is, do you look to your cell phone or to your wrist for the answer? Soon both might mean the same thing. We’ve been glued to our phones for information since … er, oops. It seems technology has […]

Yea, the 3D Sketch pen is Happening | Corporate Gifts From Trims

3D Sketch Pen: Your future corporate gift? Courtesy of WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler is an insane pen from the wild, right-now future that allows you to draw in the air — yep, in the air. Its creators have dubbed it “The World’s First 3D Printing Pen,” and … we believe it. It uses plastic filament to […]

The Lego of Speakers | Corporate Gifts from Trims

A corporate gift that brings the noise Nixon is due to release its award-winning Bluetooth speaker this May. The Blaster, which has already nabbed a win in the accessories category at the 2013 ISPO awards, has a similar look to Jawbone’s wireless speaker with one blow-me-away difference: The Blaster touts an 18-hour battery life on […]

Photos in a Flash

It’s summer – time for vacations, daytrips, and lots and lots of photos. With the ease, convenience and quality of tablet and mobile phone photography, we have the luxury of documenting every moment. Sharing via email and transferring files at the end of the day are a piece of cake. But what about getting actual […]

The Wake-up Light: Rise and sun-SHINE

Give the gift of a summer morning, every morning. 6:00 am rolls around every day, like clockwork, whether we’re ready or not. Wouldn’t it be lovely to begin each day with sun streaming through the window?

Get "Juiced," the JuiceBuddy

JuiceBuddy, a compact iPhone charger. How many cords should we need to keep our phones charged? One on the nightstand, one in the office, one for the commute and an extra to carry at all times, just in case. It shouldn’t be so difficult to prevent a dead battery.