Gift Rap Remix: Discover, Demo, Discuss

Your go-to for cutting edge promotional products and … Ben Affleck? I’m Carolina Mohrlock, the newest addition to the Trims team. I’ll be contributing fresh content to our blog (“Gift Rap”) each week. Here are few things you can expect to see from us: Discovery My Google Reader is fat with news about the latest […]

New Promotional Product from Trims: Leave Boring Beverages Behind

Promotional Product of the day: DIY Flavored Water To Go Sometimes all we need to quench our thirst is good old-fashioned H20. But more often than not, we crave something with a little more pizzazz. Aqua Zinger lets us infuse water with a cornucopia of fresh flavors even while on the go. Sure, soda offers […]

Award and Recognition Gifts For the Gold Medalists on Your Team

The world is cheering its top performers competing in London. Your most valuable employees and clients flip through the air, score big goals, and race to the finish line daily; we want to help you celebrate them. Below, we highlight a few amazing gifts from the worlds’ top brands.  

Stow and Go – Project 2 Messenger Bag

 A bag that holds up everywhere we need to go. We all lug a multitude of items with us every day. Some use a variety of bags; others prefer to stuff their pockets: either way most would welcome a better solution. Whether we are toting a laptop and files or stashing gear for outdoor adventures, […]

Photos in a Flash

It’s summer – time for vacations, daytrips, and lots and lots of photos. With the ease, convenience and quality of tablet and mobile phone photography, we have the luxury of documenting every moment. Sharing via email and transferring files at the end of the day are a piece of cake. But what about getting actual […]

The Wake-up Light: Rise and sun-SHINE

Give the gift of a summer morning, every morning. 6:00 am rolls around every day, like clockwork, whether we’re ready or not. Wouldn’t it be lovely to begin each day with sun streaming through the window?

Get "Juiced," the JuiceBuddy

JuiceBuddy, a compact iPhone charger. How many cords should we need to keep our phones charged? One on the nightstand, one in the office, one for the commute and an extra to carry at all times, just in case. It shouldn’t be so difficult to prevent a dead battery.

A Gift For the Road Less Traveled

I’m Katie Klein, a new contributor to the Trims blog aka Gift Rap. My goal, with the help of my collaborators and colleagues at Trims, is to keep readers informed and up-to-date on the latest and greatest, products, trends and thought provoking topics of the day as they relate to B2B field marketers and event […]

"Manners in a Minute"

Business Dinner Setting Diagram

Tools of the Trade Use utensils from the outside in (in a formal place setting a butter knife–paddle shaped or a short handled knife— will be included). Tips That Will Make You a Pro Unless you are the host, do not ask to be seated at the table until the host arrives Before taking your […]