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The Wet & Wild World of Team Building @Oracle

InVision Custom Hard Hats - PonchosInVision Custom Hard Hats – Ponchos


InVision Communications, a well-known corporate communications firm in the Bay Area, works with clients as varied as Williams-Sonoma, Genentech & Cisco Systems. Since meeting up a decade ago, Trims Unlimited has been InVision’s resource for unique event props and gifts for many of their highly creative conferences. This year, a Fortune 100 Silicon Valley company asked InVision to blow away the sales force with an opener no one would ever forget. Pyro flashes, thousands of ping pong balls and actual water would come raining down on the unsuspecting crowd. InVision added logoed hard hats, rain slickers, and drum sticks. With a tight budget and even tighter turnaround time, Trims delivered 1800 of each to Las Vegas in time for the morning’s insanity.

“…they just get it.” —Corey Burton, InVision Event Producer


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