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Event Swag: What's the Point

Can you list five synonyms for swag? No? Well, I'm happy to do it for you.

Can you list five synonyms for swag? No? Well, I’m happy to do it for you


/swag/  Noun : loot, booty, spoil, prey and plunder

Shouldn’t the substance of a meeting be the main swag? Generally attendees pay hundreds of dollars to attend a conference with the goal of learning about new products, partners and best practices. So why hand out random “stuff” just because it has your name on it? Unless you are at a winter meeting in Seattle, why give umbrellas? And if your conference isn’t taking place at the beach or around a pool, why give flip flops and Frisbees?

So rather than offer a specific list of “swag” suggestions like those in the blog post that became the catalyst for mine, I would encourage readers to be more strategic in their choices by making sure that

  • Decoration and packaging should be expertly executed and reflect a thoughtful, thorough marketing process

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