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Susan and her experienced team have been delivering relationship-driven, branded moments since 1985. Trims Unlimited is recognized by American Express, INC 5000, Departures, & Forbes.

New Promotional Product from Trims: Leave Boring Beverages Behind


Promotional Product of the day: DIY Flavored Water To Go

Sometimes all we need to quench our thirst is good old-fashioned H20. But more often than not, we crave something with a little more pizzazz. Aqua Zinger lets us infuse water with a cornucopia of fresh flavors even while on the go.

Sure, soda offers an easy option with an instant kick, but we all know how good that is. Now, there’s a healthy, tasty alternative that gives our taste buds the opportunity to run wild.

Gizmag  says Aqua Zinger ”takes a DIY approach to spicing up liquid intake by means of an attachable food blender.” Mashable likes that it kicks “H2O’s flavor up a notch,” and  Gizmodo comments on the new and unexpected flavor options and combinations: fresh fruit essences, spices, even candy corn.”

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