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A Gift For the Road Less Traveled

I’m Katie Klein, a new contributor to the Trims blog aka Gift Rap. My goal, with the help of my collaborators and colleagues at Trims, is to keep readers informed and up-to-date on the latest and greatest, products, trends and thought provoking topics of the day as they relate to B2B field marketers and event planners (B2B Magazine, Meetings and Conventions and Event Marketer). Of course information omnivores are always welcome, too!

Who am I? I’m a Connecticut native who made my way to LA via Philadelphia and Temple University. I love tracking down new trends in technology, food, and clothes. I have a weakness for celebrity gossip, a love/hate relationship with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I occasionally get serious about sports, specifically hockey (and it would have been a great year to jump on the Kings bandwagon, but I’ve pledged my allegiance elsewhere).

What’s on the docket for today? The SoliCharger-SP. The New York Times recently featured products for your most adventurous colleagues. My particular favorite is this solar charger that doubles as a portable speaker.

I spent the weekend in the woods with two said adventurers who are about to embark on a week-long trek.  It acted as a trial run, an opportunity to ensure that they were prepared for a more serious journey. And I think they should pack the SoliCharger-SP.

Though reception wasn’t a problem at our campsite, by early afternoon each and every smartphone around the campfire had died but mine. Though contact with the outside world wasn’t imperative this weekend, it was nice to be able to stay charged and check-in while listening to some tunes..

In short, a great gift for anyone who can’t bear being off the grid!

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