Some people are simply hard to impress, but at Trims Unlimited we strive to make the impossible possible. Whether it’s VIP gifts for the NBA or corporate gifts to a client in Beijing, we customize any order to the highest appreciable style and can reach any customer across the world.

Can’t find the luxury products you’re looking for? Contact us and our expert staff will handcraft any premium gift to the size, specification, and presentation of your choice. From designing the Lifetime Achievement award for the SAG awards out of baccarat  to a custom surfboard conversation piece for Douglas Elliman, Trims Unlimited has been the leader in corporate brand gifting and producing luxury items for VIPs for three decades now.

Our worldwide designer and freight network allow us to deliver high end gifts and luxury products to VIP clients, regardless of location and budget. Trims Unlimited will work within your time frame to create a sophisticated corporate gift with a stunning presentation. At Trims Unlimited, we still haven’t figured out if that jaw dropping moment come from our meticulous gift design or from the dazzling display we deliver each gift with.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply contact us with your luxury gift ideas and we’ll design them in our corporate office and send out the specifications to any of the world-famous designers we work with. Customers choose Trims Unlimited because we work with customers at every touchpoint during the buyer’s journey to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients.

Executive Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting sets your brand apart from the competition and helps solidify long-lasting brand relationships. Trims Unlimited is dedicated to helping your brand reinforce its character and expand its reach through corporate gift giving- the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether it’s designing high end corporate gifts or delivering VIP gift boxes through a room drop, Trims Unlimited has been delivering treasured brand building experiences and premium corporate gifts for decades now. Trims Unlimited is recognized as the go-to expert in designing unique corporate gifts that continually amaze even our existing customers.

Nothing seals  the deal more than a luxury corporate gift delivered from your brand to theirs. We specialize in exclusive corporate gifts because we at Trims know that sometimes sweetening the deal sometimes means bringing something sweet to the table. Consider showing your appreciation by delivering a designer executive gift basket or some gourmet bites from a favorite local restaurant.

Trims Unlimited has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and has embarked on many executive projects to deliver high end corporate gifts to clients in the Middle East, Europe, and across the world.

If you have any luxury executive ideas, we’ll work within any budget to deliver the highest quality products you can’t find anywhere else. No gift is as special as the one you designed yourself. Let Trims Unlimited help you build out your executive network and the relationships that will help your branding experience go from unknown to a household name.

Client Gifts

Looking for high end client gifts to build out that executive portfolio? Trims Unlimited has a wide selection of popular items on tap to deliver immediately with your brand specifications and finishing touches. Our vast network of partnerships allow us to work with local retailers to deliver gifts and merchandise to clients “in country.”

Our climate controlled distribution center ensures that your high end gifts for clients are properly maintained and ready to ship on your command. No matter if it’s a new iphone, Tennessee Whiskey, an english muffin sampler, fine china, or whatever you can think of, there’s practically no order we cannot fulfill.

Nothing exemplifies a commitment to customer and client service more than a luxury gift.

Brand Specifications

We work with the top luxury brands to deliver you top-of-the-line products that will become a real conversation piece. We’ll design the product ideas here at our offices and send out the request to the world’s best manufacturers to create exclusive gifts just for your brand and your audience.

Sometimes the brand can overshadow the product. Delivering a custom luxury gift will speak volumes with an established brand logo on the side. Create something exclusive for your clients that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Transform luxury business gifts into memorabilia by placing your own branded stamp on a product. Turn a crystal goblet or stemless wine glass into your own exclusive endorsement and personal gift by stenciling a brand namer to the outside of each. We believe that personalizing a gift for a client adds sentimental value, which makes any gift worth much more than just its intrinsic value.

We also offer top of the line luxury gifts for men and luxury items for women. Whether it’s branded merchandise or an executive gift basket, you can personalize any gift to suit any client.

Gift Boxes

Seal the deal with a high quality gift box from Trims Unlimited. Customize any VIP gift box to include your client’s favorite items. Whether it’s local or international, sweets or treats, Trims Unlimited can reach nearly any retailer worldwide.

Present your luxury gifts in a beautifully adorned gift box. Of course, no gift box is complete without a beautiful ribbon on top to truly show off your gift’s mystique. Whether it’s a folding or collapsing gift box, Trims Unlimited will even personally design, to the last detail, the moment a client or VIP unravels the ribbon.

Adding that pristine touch to gift wrapping truly exemplifies the gesture of gift giving itself. Trims Unlimited is dedicated to building relationships for your brand through the gift of giving.