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Susan and her experienced team have been delivering relationship-driven, branded moments since 1985. Trims Unlimited is recognized by American Express, INC 5000, Departures, & Forbes.

Gift Rap Remix: Discover, Demo, Discuss

The "Gift Rap" Blog: Remixed

Your go-to for cutting edge promotional products and … Ben Affleck?

I’m Carolina Mohrlock, the newest addition to the Trims team. I’ll be contributing fresh content to our blog (“Gift Rap”) each week. Here are few things you can expect to see from us:


My Google Reader is fat with news about the latest products and trends. I’ll walk hand-in-hand with the tech bloggers, vendors and B2B mags so you don’t have to, peeling back a layer of heavy text and offering you a glimpse into what’s new. I’ll do the scrolling, you do the discovering.

Product test drives

We get a sample of a promotional product and then we put it to use. We’ll tell you how it works for us. Like the way we rock the backpack? Need to have the motion-activated light up bracelet? (We don’t blame you. They are pretty awesome.) Maybe you’ll spot a product that’s the right fit for your conference or event. I, your faithful test subject, will be here to make it happen.

Case studies

Need 60,000 cups, 70,000 napkins and 50,000 cocktail stirrers? We’re small but we do big things. We’ll tell you how.

Did we mention Ben Affleck?

What does Ben Affleck have to do with eco-friendly chocolate? I won’t leave you in suspense for long. We provide gift solutions that spark conversation. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to chew the rest of the chocolate that’s in your mouth before you get to talking “Argo.”

Trims news

What have we been up to? Well, working hard and making things happen for our clients. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in our office. We’ll feature milestones and offer spotlights on exciting clients and partners. We’ll leave out the updates on the contents of our candy bowl (For what it’s worth: Tootsie Pops and lots of chocolate).

So, who’s the new girl? I’m a San Diego native who just dropped down in Los Angeles. I haven’t wandered too far from my favorite burrito place in San Diego (Trujillo’s on College Ave. They have a California burrito that’s wrapped in a quesadilla — seriously. Any burrito connoisseur has to bow and pay their respects). I graduated from San Diego State University last year with a degree in Journalism, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to be a part of the bright and passionate team here at Trims.

I can’t wait to dig in and find the meaty, exciting 411 you crave – as well as explore B2B topics that we think you’ll find interesting.

I look forward to exploring with you!


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