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"POWER" Gadget: The Powermat

Are you ready to “cut the cord”?

When the Powermat  was first released, we found ourselves on the fence.  We actually heard about the device a couple of years ago, but didn’t actually see it until it came to market this year at CES 2010 . There it was being “hawked” by several different companies –most were overseas importers of cheap gadgets that we skipped over. When we stumbled upon the “Powermat” booth, we knew that we had found the “best of breed.” With a bricks and mortar operation supporting their US distribution, we felt confident that potential customers would have access to both techinical support and recourse if need be.

The Powermat is not only sleek looking but easy to use. We immediately liked the idea of a single power source that would/could untangle the cords of our many indispensible, modern day devices– no cables required.

After much internal debate and research, we have determined that an idiot proof device that simultaneously charges 3 gadgets at once would satisfy any “Gadget-Geek” or the “Neat-Freak” in your life.

Mats come in black or white and are priced at around $100. Add-on’s and accesstories like cases/docks  cost between $30- $50 per device.   

We’re ready to cut the cord… are you?

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