Trims prevails as a global leader in brand marketing solutions by providing the most elegant and decadent brand merchandise for the world’s largest businesses and thought leaders. Our mission is bolstering your brand marketing by teaming up with top designers and distributors to deliver your business custom solutions and promotional products that will elevate your brand awareness.
Recognized as the go-to experts for brand solutions, we deliver quality, finished products in grand fashion by working with customers at every aspect of their request. At Trims you’ll be able to customize every part of a request from the product specifications to the arrival date and arrival fashion.

Corporate Gifts with Custom Flair

Looking to elevate your brand’s perception on a national or global scale? Trims offers cost-effective custom merchandise in any color, size, or ornamentation you desire. Trim’s offers every finished product with your exclusive brand name etched, embroidered, engraved or screen printed through our remarkable product decoration process.
Our comprehensive fulfillment system and worldwide delivery allows Trims to deliver exquisitely presented branded merchandise anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a custom gift box or gift wrapping, impress your next client with some custom business merchandise. Want your logo on a custom rubix cube or phone charger? Because every order at Trims is a special one, our custom logo merchandise will be tailor made and just right for you.
Our partnerships allow us to fulfill nearly any request and we promise to respond to any request as soon as it’s received. Some of our most popular corporate gifts include, branded drinkware, gourmet bites and electronics.
Create awareness for your brand by topping off your featured promotion with a brand award. Brand awards show our appreciation for our most dedicated and enthusiastic customers and clients.
Trims will customize any brand award and decorate it with flawless precision. Trims previously worked with the Screen Actor’s Guild to remodel the Lifetime Achievement award out of stunning, crystal baccarat. Looking for something different than the traditional brand award, choose from our wide selection, which features:

Looking to differentiate your brand even further? Impress your customers with your own custom awards and custom engraving to fit any occasion. We will create any award request even it means entirely creating it from scratch.

Exquisite Promotional Items

Product promotion lies at the center of any brand awareness campaign. Kickstart your campaign with a few freebie items using our wide inventory of promotional products to secure your next business lead. Utilize business promotional products, ranging from promotional apparel to a promotional tote, to always keep your business in mind for that next partnership.
According to one study, 55% of people did business with an advertiser before receiving a promotional product and 85% after. 31% of United States consumers own a promotional bag; imagine the sheer brand awareness generated from using one of our promotional totes!
A majority of people will hold onto a promotional product for up to two years. Our products are crafted with the highest quality to ensure a long-lasting shelf-life. The next time someone is contemplating a purchase, it always helps to have a promotional product on the inside.
Trims offers the widest selection of custom promotional items and will work with its clients for promotional item ideas. Our custom products can be optimized to fit any order size and are ensured for the highest quality demanded.
Customize your promotional products with your client’s names to create meaningful connections with your audience. Skip those cheap water bottles with that company logo and impress the competition with an elegant, stencil glassware. Whether it’s marketing promotional apparel for your clients or running your own brand contest for free promotional items, trust Trims to deliver the highest quality products for your brand.

Merchandise for Marketing

Merchandising is one of those long-forgotten marketing strategies many people simply ignore. Create long-lasting brand connections by delivering your clients and customers the highest quality merchandise. What your products deliver speak a lot of how your brand operates.
Boost your brand marketing campaign with a promotional injection using any number of our brand marketing products and custom promotional items from our catalogue. Send us an email with your own ideas and we’ll help collaborate for a successful brand marketing campaign. Merchandise helps foster brand loyalty, which is critical to retaining an existing customer base. Create your own brand campaigns using any one of our products to help provide that competitive edge.
Brand loyalty is an emotional connection that fulfills both the physical and emotional needs of the consumer. Not only do brand loyalists never substitute a purchase with a different product brand, they are also more likely to make more expensive purchases from your business. Stand out amongst a crowd of hundreds of competitors by securing your brand status and authority among your customers.
Merchandise marketing creates incentives and referrals through tangible products. Merchandising will supplement your overall marketing strategy and can bolster your other individual campaigns, such as email marketing, inbound marketing, and affiliate marketing.
Companies have utilized merchandising for decades now and it’s a proven strategy for success. Choose the best firm for your results and one with a proven track record. Choose Trims for the best brand products, promotional items, and merchandise for your brand awareness campaign.