Custom Rubik’s Cube

The Challenge:

To support a multi-channel marketing campaign with an equally diverse set of promotional products and services.

The Solution:

Responsys®, a global provider of on-demand marketing solutions, wanted a high impact, promotional product campaign to parallel the complex capabilities of its new Interact Suite.

With longstanding partners and extraordinary name brand resources, Trims coordinated an integrated promotional product campaign that used a licensed custom Rubik’s Cube as its centerpiece. With its innovative packaging, the iconic puzzle became the inspiration for the launch’s creative messaging and innovative packaging. Every detail was specifically crafted to support, promote and underscore the capabilities of Responsys’ interactive Lifecycle Marketing platform. Together, across mediums, the promotion successfully targeted Responsys customers and prospects who were, themselves, trying to catch the imagination of a dynamic, informed but often unpredictable buying audience.

The Result:

Responsys is perceived as a company that seamlessly manages even the smallest details while maintaining focus on the big picture.