Promotional Custom Puzzle Cube

Promotional Custom Puzzle Cube

Our mandate: to find a quality, promotional product that was both clever and able to support a software launch and nationwide, marketing campaign.

Trims fulfilled the request by sourcing an iconic toy that rarely consented to co-branding. Our customization and unique packaging not only pleased the selective manufacturer but thrilled our client because of the inherent parallels between the brain teaser and their innovative new software Suite.

Trims created, coordinated and integrated the promotional product side of the campaign with on-line and print advertising. Every detail was specifically crafted to support, promote and underscore the capabilities of Responsys’ interactive platform.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that you and your team did to make last night’s dinner a great success. From the invitations to the venue, the setup, the private room, the selection of food, etc. I think this concept of bringing together a couple of clients and a couple of prospects is something that would be worthwhile to replicate, and we plan on doing just that with your help… Thank you again.”

S. Melamed,Director of Sales, Oracle-Responsys

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