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Don’t Miss a Beat with Trims' Newest Tech Gift

Mickey Digital iPhone Recorder

New Tech Gift Idea: Mikey Digital iPhone Microphone

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the information thrown at us during meetings and presentations. It might be nice to record conversations to reference at a later date. Recording sound on smartphones often ends up muffled and distorted, missing key information on playback.

With Mikey Digital, an iPhone/iPad add-on, our recording abilities are exponentially increased. For $100, Mikey Digital gives us the ability to record on the go. Don’t rely on your memory to recall figures spouted during presentations. And turn your iPhone into a recording studio – the device lets us plug in a guitar and is compatible with most recording apps.

The New York Times says “the iPhone is capable of making remarkably good recordings, but its built-in microphone is not. One solution is the Mikey Digital.” GeekBeat.com calls it “a great option for on the go recording, whether you want to capture random audio from your experiences in the world, or are a podcaster recording interviews.”

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