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The Luxury of Sound

beoplay-a3The BeoPlay A3 gives our iPads the speakers we’ve been waiting for.

We all love iPads. Babies love them, cats love them. We love them on the go, at home, and at work. We could go on and on about the ways they are fabulous, but there is one area that leaves us wanting: the speakers.

The BeoPlay A3 is “a gorgeous solution to [the iPad’s] sound woes,” says Gizmodo.com. The triangular design and intuitive speaker system allow the dock to be propped upright or turned on its side, sensing the orientation and adjusting to use the appropriate speakers. Techrader.com says, “the dock essentially turns your iPad into a mini TV.”

Ubergizmo.com calls the BeoPlay A3 “a very innovative and high quality sound system designed for the iPad.” It is a sleek, powerful answer to lacking iPad sound and much simpler than tying our iPads to bulky speaker systems and stands and a great gift for every iPad lover.

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