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Trims Creates A Virtual Specialty Store For Stanford

As a student at one the world’s great institutions of higher learning, how proud would you be to wear or carry an item with its prestigious logo? (We imagine, very.) BUT when you look for the link to the campus store, you can’t find one.


On-line Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) Store LogoThis was the case earlier this year when STANFORD knocked on Trims’ door and asked us to create a virtual bookstore for their  On-line Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). Before they signed on, they had to have the following:

  • A trusted CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) approved partner

Well known for its high-touch, personalized service and with a long standing track record both inside and outside the CLC, Trims became the obvious choice.

  • A turnkey solution without financial responsibility

The decision was made to keep the store open during peak seasons, only (Fall Registration, Christmas, Admissions Notification and Summer School Registration)—thus making every order a “special” one. This model eliminated the need for inventory and any financial risk associated with unsold merchandise.

  • A store with like minded, socially conscious brands PATAGONIA was one of several manufacturers selected. They had an innovative brand with a “conscience” and an ethical world view in step with Stanford’s. Their environmentally-conscious high quality fleeces became the perfect canvas for the school’s complex embroidered logo. With the help of a proven group of vendors, Trims was able to satisfy both the University and their highly diverse student body. And without any inventory and hence financial exposure, Stanford was free to change-up the store’s merchandise whenever it was warranted. The resounding success of the program enabled us to donate 10% of each sale back to EPGY’s Scholarship Fund.
  • Complete product flexibility
  • No Unwanted Inventory
  • No Overhead Costs
  • No Risk
  • No Real Estate
  • No Storage Space needed
  • No Muss
  • No Fuss



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