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New Eyes on Old Toys | Sentimental Promotional Products

5 Unique Promotional Products for Your Next Corporate Event

We’ve seen it with bell bottoms and we’ve seen it with crop tops. What’s old is suddenly new again, and people either cringe or throw on a pair of cut-offs. It’s almost inevitable with fashion, but luckily, we’re not here to talk about nylon track suits. Unless we were. But we aren’t.

Here are a few completely un-wearable, and therefore un-embarassing, old school trinkets we love — with a modern spin:

1. The modern mix tape:

Promotional products: Sharetape

It’s not the squealing cassette tape you remember, but it’s a perfectly acceptable homage. Sharetape allows you to buy tapes and record playlists from Spotify, YouTube, 8Tracks. To listen, friends can either tap with an Android device or scan the QR code to listen straight from their phone.

2. Throwback photo viewer:

Promotional Products: Classic Viewer

Recognize this? It’s hard for me to look at this without feeling pretty giddy. Custom reels make it even more personal.

3. Vintage rock posters reimagined:

Promotional Product: Book, Swissted

The Swissted book offers a modern twist on rock posters of yesteryear.

4. Bring your 35mm film to your iPhone:

Promotional Product: Photography, Lomography

Lomography recently took this film scanner to Kickstarter and got. business. done. It’s now available to Kickstarter backers and I can’t wait to get one. It’s the only foreseeable cure for my boxes and boxes of film, and to top it off, it looks cool.

5. eBook jacket

Promotional product: Vintage Book Sleeve

Out of Print offers eBook jackets for iPad, Kindle Fire, Kobo Glo and Nexus 7. These jackets are made by the oldest bookbindery in the U.S., so they’re meant to feel like the real thing. Options include The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Road, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and more.

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Stay groovy!

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