Most people don’t realize what a valuable partner an experienced fulfillment provider can be. Because Trims’ service is turnkey–one where clients can accomplish all or almost all of their tasks with a single phone call–fulfillment has become a key component of the integrated promotional products solution we have become so well known for.

Our warehouse is conveniently located by the airport in Burbank, CA. Our facility is climate-controlled, secure and staffed with an experienced team that is bonded and insured. Upon arrival orders are counted and checked for damage and/or defect before they are placed into storage while they await the assembly line where they will be either kitted or expertly wrapped and then most certainly boxed for delivery. Our services include truck delivery, drop shipping, master packing and international freight forwarding. With deep and longstanding fulfillment relationships throughout EMEA, Trims can deliver products with all the finishing touches anywhere in the world.

In addition, Trims’ fulfillment service offers complete and up to the minute inventory management, professional printing  and graphic arts services. The best part of all, after hours customer service via email is always available on holidays and weekends.

A skilled fulfillment service provider offering