“I would like to thank you and the entire Trims team for all you do to help SAP deliver a premium brand experience. The entire TRIMS team works tirelessly to help SAP create some of the most elegant merchandise and packaging to enhance our Global Sponsorship and Executive Hospitality programs. If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to send your prospective clients to me.”
Chris Burton | Vice President, Global Sponsorships

“Hello Team Trims:
I wanted to be sure to reach out to you post Interact 2011 and THANK YOU from the executive team at Responsys.
What Trims has done for Responsys (everything from pens-to-bags-to-gifts for speakers to getting a forgotten Club 2011 winner the engraved award done on a Sunday night, shipped counter-to-counter to be in my hands 5 minutes before we announced is amazing). We are so proud of the PARTNERS we keep.”
Andy Priest | COO

“Thank you for coming through for us and for delivering such a great product! The speakers loved the gifts. We are looking at possibly doing a woman-owned small business conference in the future that we will definitely have you bid on the gifts and give-aways. You’re on the top of my list now.”
Rebecca Franklin
U.S. Army

“The kits arrived today and I am blown away by the concept, quality and execution. The Eservices team will
absolutely freak on Thursday morning. It will be a perfect introduction to the Responsys family. You are all
stars. It is great to work with you.”
Paul Cross | Executive Chairman, Eservices

“Everyone loved the VMware items. I am here in Singapore and they love, love it all. Looking forward to the next round of goodies for the wow VMware team. Thanks a million!!”
Rozanne Bonavito | Director, Direct Marketing
Service Source

“It has been a pleasure working with you this year. You have been thorough, responsive and I could not have asked for better customer service. We look forward to working with you in the new school year.”
Dr. Janet Keating | Headmaster
Stanford University EPGY Online High School

“Team Trims, you make my job so much easier! Thank you for making the world a better place.”
Gail Ennis | CMO

“You guys rock!!!!”
Missy D. Faccinto | Director of Casino Events
MGM Grand

“It will be great to get to work with you again! You have amazing taste and have always done such a fantastic job.”
Karen Grunwald | Senior Events Manager

“I wanted to send along a HUGE thank you for all of the help and guidance you offered us for the Providence dinner a couple weeks ago. John and Dan raved about the event, and said that it was flawlessly executed, and the attention to detail was outstanding. It was an extremely successful event, and we hope to have more in the future. We could not have done it without you, that’s for sure!

I sincerely appreciate all of the help you guys give us on a daily basis and the commitment you have in helping Responsys succeed!”
Rory Van Nest | Senior Manager, Field and Online Marketing

“This company is well named—they literally ‘trim’ the volume of work for you and place it on the shoulders of a company you trust to handle your corporate gift needs with impeccable service and great taste.”
Pamela Harding
Agenda Magazine

“Thanks for all your amazing work this year. We could not have done this without you!!!”
Heather Tietsort
Cisco Systems

“I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that you and your team did to make last night’s dinner a great success.
From the invitations to the venue, the setup, the private room, the selection of food, etc. I think this concept of bringing together a couple of clients and a couple of prospects is something that would be worthwhile to
replicate, and we plan on doing just that with your help… Thank you again.”
Steve Melamed | Director of Sales, West

“We received the pins and they were a hit! So are the mugs. The printing was actually bigger than we expected and it looks better than our old style. Kudos on both products!”
Erin Pashelinsky | Merchandise Sales
Stanford University Parents’ Club

“Thanks for your help on this very large and complicated project – we appreciate all of your attention.”
Michelle Azzopardi
Midnight Oil/LA Graphico

“Wanted to let you know that we received the watches this morning. They are absolutely fantastic! We are extremely pleased with the work and service that was provided on these gifts! Thank you so much for everything!”
Carrie Bracewell | IT Event Coordinator & Support Technician

“Are you magical or just that good?!”
John Samec | Area Sales Manager–Southwest Region

“Trims is knowledgeable at identifying and handling the important details of every request which is then clearly demonstrated in the overall quality of the gift.”
J. Terrance Lanni | Former CEO and Chairman
MGM Mirage

“…somehow I already knew the below would be all handled before you even emailed me! You and your team have been terrific throughout this project planning. There have been a lot of details we’ve had to chase down for our event but never had a worry with Trims! Thank you for being so proactive and professional, your suggestions have been right on and your opinions valuable.”
Meg Rhoads | Director of Human Resources
Tennenbaum Capital Partners

“We cannot thank you enough for ALL of your help and hard work in securing, decorating and facilitating the “gifting” of the Omniture Smart Car. We chose a winner today at the close of the SES Expo Hall to a packed room. I have attached a photo of the LINE around our booth to sign up to win the car, it was amazing…Again, this could not have been accomplished with you. Thanks for all the hard work!”
Rory Van Nest | Marketing Manager

“From the card to the ribbon, to the packaging to the blankets everything was first class. So impressed.”
Doug Gibson